Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.
– James 1:2-3

“As a native Detroiter, world traveler and seasoned jurist I have met many people in my lifetime. While serving the public I have learned to recognize those with intellect, extremely hard work ethics, true Christian values, determination, and more importantly the grit to serve others amongst mankind. These are the very qualities I felt exuded from Brian Banks when I first met him many years ago. As Brian shares his life experiences through, “It Had to Happen: The Agony of Success,” please know that everything you’re dealing with has to happen to get you to your destiny. My dream is that one day Brian will appear in the people’s court again, serving others. He is deserving of another chance to fulfill my dream and his.”
Honorable Denise Langford Morris, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge

“Brian is a hardworking committed person who believes in God, family, helping the community and who has earnestly worked at providing SECOND CHANCES to those who needed a helping hand along their way. I’m sure you will enjoy ‘It Had 2 Happen: The Agony of Success’ as it is sure to help you understand that what you’re going through is temporary and needed to get you to your end.”

Honorable Vonda R. Evans, Retired Wayne County Circuit Court Judge | Attorney at Law, Vonda's Law
“Brian I loved this book. In fact I read it in one day. What I found most interesting is your youth and the dysfunction many of us face as children.
When I met you, you were extremely young but your demeanor was of someone who came from money, a tad cocky and a little put off by the call center atmosphere. I never imagined the many challenges you faced. yet still you rose to the top with no complaints. All we ever did was laugh, drank and had many discussions about church. To be this honest and raw is challenging for most people. You do so effortlessly, and honestly. First book I’ve read in a long time that didn’t put me to sleep. I’m so blessed to call you friend. There’s so much I wanna say but I don’t want to spoil it. I love you BB.”
Karen D. McJimpson

“What an amazing story. My heart went out & tears begin to flow from the on set of blended family. Ms. Rose & Mr. Marvin missed out on an opportunity of a life time to mold in the success & development of the well accomplished witty Brian Banks Thank you for sharing your incredible journey A true example of over coming obstacles. Even when the bottom falls out pp. 142. I don’t want to give away to much so others will invest & become inspired. Congratulations Brian Banks I am looking forward to viewing you on other platforms promoting this must read, It Had to Happen. God bless the memory of the late Mr. O.D. Banks Thank for introducing you your jewel Ms. Joyce Banks.”

Beverly Sheard

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” This book was so refreshing and offered access to the sculpting of your greatness.”

Henri David Jefferson
“Brian, let me begin with saying, WOW!!!!!! You know I am super proud of you. What a wonderful book. Well told. A great read. And how awesome of you to be so transparent. It is one of the things that you and I always clicked on. You are a living testimony of, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Your journey and remembrance of it, was exhilarating to learn of. I can visualize you in so many of the books pages. Thank you for calling me out to sit down and read it and respond on it. I can imagine that telling your story could not have been easy, but I for one am grateful you did. Your honesty; your dedication; your vulnerability; your openness made it hard to put the book down once I began reading. You are an overcomer if I’ve ever met one. Great job!!!! I loved it. I’m so glad to personally know you.”
Sandra Mays

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