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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

These powerful words are excerpted from a 1963 letter Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. penned from the confinement of a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama. 58 years later, his words are as relevant as ever. While we have made significant progress in the crusade for social justice, there are still [...]

It’s Time Lawmakers Support Fair Auto Insurance Reforms

Auto insurance in Detroit is outrageously expensive. Everyone knows it. There’s nothing controversial about saying that. But when we get around to talking about solutions to fix the problem that’s when progress comes to a screeching halt. And rightly so, because the only solutions that lawmakers seem to [...]

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Can’t Get a Job Because of Your Criminal Background? Are your felonies or misdemeanors holding you back?

Are felonies & misdemeanors holding you or someone you know back? If so, join State Reps. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo & Tenisha Yancey, Attorney General Dana Nessel, Retired Judge Vonda Evans, & Mr. Keith Bennett for a discussion about the new upcoming Michigan Expungement Laws and next steps. Also receive a Federal [...]

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Official Book Release

The support has been AMAZING thank you. To those who’ve received your copy, please share in the comments some of your best/interesting parts of the book. To those who haven’t ordered, please order today. A perfect gift or stocking stuffer for someone whose been faced with adversity! Get your copy [...]

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