Welcome to Blacks Fighting for Justice

Far too long, blacks have been treated like second class citizens. We must honestly confront our history of how blacks have been treated in this country from racial injustice, systematic & institutionalized racism, to segregation and more.

From boycotts, rallies, and protest down through the years, blacks continue to fight for justice but where has it gotten us? Blacks Fighting for Justice we will explore the issues that blacks face and examine what’s changed down through the years and what needs to be changed. Join in the fight, we promise it will be an enlightening and engaging time!

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Our Priorities

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Housing

  • Education & Education Funding

  • Racism

  • Equity

  • Voting

  • Healthcare Disparity

Once again black people have saved us! We know we’re powerful! It’s time that the rest of the country to realize it! We delivered a president in November and now are putting an end to Mitch McConnell’s terror on this nation as Senate Majority leader by flipping the United States Senate in Georgia. Thank you, black folks, for stepping up & handling our business despite having the highest number of killings by law enforcement, the most healthcare disparities, inequities and injustices across the board, as well as, having endured years of institutional & systemic racism. Even in our tiredness & brokenness we still rose to the occasion. Thank you, my black family!

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